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The druid and the dragon. by Avatar

DM Feature #5 (Legacy of the Savage Kings) - 08 January 2010

Those low level adventurers are so cute.

They come into Willow Ridge, a forest village, looking for something to do, go waltzing almost with complete boredom into a tavern in the morning for a quick drink and some rumours, and leaving the tavern with still nothing better to do.

It didn't take much for a preaching druid in the middle of the place to pick up some attention and to send them off to a swamp which he claims is being haunted by a disease called the Blight. Never mind that it's difficult to cure, that a man died in his care while he tried to treat it.

So off they go with the promise of gold in their eyes, to a swamp that reeks of death. They can barely see, they can barely move properly, and after much caution, they dredge on.

That is, until they see the horse ride past with its dead rider's intenstines still attached to it, the dead orc bodies, and the crazy adult black dragon just beyond them.

Despite its appearance of looking like it's falling apart at the seams and almost blind as it is, Mrivan, the wizard, shot a glitterdust at it in an effort to reveal it in the fog, and a ray of enfeeblement stung its fighting power well enough. From there, they had Lupton, the rogue to thank for doing some decent damage, and Merchen, the cleric's attacks were mostly in vain.

They've only just entered the Great Swamp. Surely it's only a matter of slaying the dragon to restore it to its former glory and earn their humble reward.

After all, how hard can it be to slay a dragon?