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The dark shadow of death. by Avatar

DM Feature #6 (Legacy of the Savage Kings) - 04 March 2010

It was 6 versus 2, although as it turned out, the shadows (literally) had an advantage on the party.

It wasn't that one of the party had just mindlessly swam away - probably to his death, and it wasn't that one of the party was near-completely unfamiliar with the mission.

It was that the party simply didn't understand what they were up against.

To begin with, all they knew was that their attacks couldn't hurt the shadows. Solution? Retreat into the unknown, hoping for an answer. It wasn't that far-fetched - entire parties have been saved with the "Nothing working? Change Everything" fix.

They retreated further ahead, into what seemed to be a dead end. Their only clue, some kind of gate ahead against the far wall. Solution? Look for a way to open it.

The gate had two holes, presumably to open the gate. Natsumi, the fighter/monk, used trial and error, placing her hand inside one of the holes. She felt nothing inside, and her hand was crushed, dealing loads of damage (but not breaking her hand).

Thinking she'd simply chosen the wrong hole the first time, she tried the second hole. BAM on her hand - the same thing happened, dealing more damage.

Keep in mind the party is still in combat with the shadows that they cannot seem to hurt, while the experimentation with the gate is happening.

As they began to run out of options, Loria soon realised that she can in fact hurt these shadows, just. It takes a while, with some people-enlarging and time-buying in the form of cleric-bait, but they eventually manage to take down all 3 of the shadows. Yes, it seems that as one of the party members is killed by a shadow, they become a shadow themselves, at least for a while.

With the shadows destroyed, after two of the party is killed and one of them having fled the scene of the crime, the party felt the strain.

What they didn't realise is that almost the entire session could have been made much shorter, much simpler, and with much less death - if only they'd had the knowledge that shadows are Undead, and therefore susceptible to their (now-dead) cleric's Turn Undead ability. Someone actually made a wild guess at this during the session, but it was thought to be a wrong guess, and wasn't acted upon.

Think the little things don't matter? Think again. You wouldn't want to forget the important little facts, such as that only 1 extra shadow appeared, but there were 2 party members that died...