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Where in the world is Natsumi? by Avatar

DM Feature #7 (Legacy of the Savage Kings) - 11 September 2010

If a disease that can slowly kill a dragon and plague the lands isn't enough to deal with, now the party has a new problem to deal with. And it's not something as simple as a trap to get around or a door to open, it's not even as sinister as the villain playing tricks on them or a puzzle to unravel.

This time, one of their own has done something outrageous: taken a party member alone, and killed them in their sleep. While she had enough faith in him to keep watch for the bad guys.

Little did she know.

For what reason? We don't yet fully understand. From what we've seen of Jasim, the party knows he is an animal lover, and that since losing his beloved horse Olgienar, that he has shown some violent tendencies. Could anyone have suspected he would outright kill someone he was adventuring with?

Kendall and Markias stumbled onto Jasim soon after he had completed his covering up of the evidence, but was it too late? They had just received orders from Lord Castellan of Quoston Keep to locate the forge where the deadly Blight Blades are being made, and to take it down. This is just the first part of Lord Castellan's plan to determine if the rumours of an army amassing at the Great Swamp is real, although the evidence is mounting.

Add onto this that a party member may not be all he seems, and we can see that the Blight may be having more of an effect on the lands than they realise.

The million dollar question - will they put the pieces together to understand what's going on in time?