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Absolute power, absolute blighted corruption. by Avatar

DM Feature #8 (Legacy of the Savage Kings) - 19 November 2011

A druid named Shawn once went to Willow Ridge to make a call for some brave adventurers, and 3 adventurers answered the call.

One of them got taken by the Blight, and is now in the hands of the healers.
One of them got taken by the shadows.
One of them is lost to the ethereal void.

In that time, they came across a hermit who had lost his mind, but had unknowingly discovered the dangers of the Blight and sought a way to fix it. He ended up becoming a victim himself.

In that time, the adventurers eventually wandered right past the dragon's lair, and later found their way inside.

They eventually braved their fears and ventured into the fort in the Great Swamp, to find the creatures within were almost no match for them.

They found a sorcerer who had dedicated herself to the Mountain King.

They found an ogre who forged blades of evil. A forge where they found the Blight could be turned into a weapon.

They found the Maw, where the Blight originated.

They found an altar dedicated to its use.

Lord Castellan of Quoston Keep gave the latest band of adventurers a final mission: to destroy the cause of the blight once and for all. They set out on this mission, coming face to face with a king who became reborn as a demigod.

Jasim risked his life to destroy the demigod by using his own body as a conduit to electrocute both himself and the King. What Jasim didn't know was that the King was already dead. Unless the person who sits on the throne has undergone the necessary spiritual work, the raw power of the Throne of Kings is too much for a physical body to handle. Such power lasts maybe a minute, but no longer.

With the help of N'dereg, a betrayed lizardfolk king, they uncovered the skull of the demon prince Obitu-que. With no fear, it had survived many thousands of years and had expected to live for many thousands more.

Despite its misguided power, it did not count on Jasim bringing it to the brink, Maeve (Kyleth's sorcerer apprentice) picking it up, and Kade weakening her, forcing it to be dropped into the ravine.

The demon skull fell to the depths of the Maw and shattered upon impact, taking the blighted corruption with it, and ending the plague.