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Pathfinder Online

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Combat Assistant v2

Combat Assistant (CA) is a utility programmed by Ballig to facilitate RPG combat online (specifically, while playing in an IRC chat room). Download the latest version by using the links below.
CA is always under development and there will sometimes be bugs. Please let someone know if there are bugs and, if possible, how to reproduce them. You can also request feature additions but keep in mind that the idea behind CA is that it is an ancillary program designed to augment your online gaming, as opposed to other programs that are designed to be everything you need. Some feature requests may be rejected solely on the basis of "that's not what CA is".
CA v2.2 (build 103) - Windows
CA v2.2 (build 103) - Mac OS X
CA v2.2 (build 103) - Source - Requires Qt 4.8
PHP Script for Web Server

Recent change log:

CA v2.1 (build 352) UNSTABLE - Windows
CA v2.1 (build 352) UNSTABLE - Fedora 16, glibc >= 2.14.90
CA v2.1 (build 352) UNSTABLE - openSUSE 12.1, glibc >= 2.14.1
CA v2.1 (build 352) UNSTABLE - Ubuntu 8, glibc >= 2.15

Recent change log:

CA v2 (build 772)

Recent change log:

Combat Assistant v1

An older version of CA programmed in the Python programming language.
CA v1.59 (Windows)
CA v1.58 to v1.59 update (Windows)
CA v1.59 (Mac OS X)
CA v1.59 (Systems with Python 2.3+ and TwistedMatrix)
CA v1.59 source (original Python source code)

Pathfinder Character Sheet PDF

This PDF allows you to fill out your character sheet in a more traditional (but still electronic) way. This sheet is printable. Using the "Submit Sheet" button will let you upload the character sheet to this website. You will be asked for your website username and password, and the number of the character to upload the sheet to (find this on the URL of the character page). If your PDF reader tells you that the form has not submitted correctly, check the website anyway to see if it has uploaded.
If you have a previous version of this PDF you may be able to EXPORT the form data as a *.fdf file and then import it to the new PDF.
In order for this PDF character sheet to upload your information to the website, you will need to use Foxit Reader. We HIGHLY RECOMMEND you use Foxit as it is a superior, lightweight, full-featured PDF reader with fewer restrictions. And tabs. Everyone loves some tabs.
Pathfinder Character Sheet PDF v1.1

Character Sheet Templates

The website uses text format for character sheets. It is very open-ended by design and people are free to come up with whatever form they like, but below are templates used commonly by the channel regulars.
Character Sheet Template (4E)
Character Sheet Template (Pathfinder Society)
Character Sheet Template (Pathfinder)
Character Sheet Template (Pathfinder-BB Codes)
Character Sheet Template (Shadowrun)
Character Sheet Template 3