What You Need Advice

Before Play

Get an IRC client - mIRC (it's a trial, but you don't need to register it) or

  • HydraIRC for Windows
  • XChat for Linux
  • Colloquy for Mac OS X.
  • Or, if you are in an absolute rush and want to use something more temporary, Mibbit.
Connect to irc.austnet.org and join #d&d once you have an IRC client.

Character Sheet Template Text based, you'll use this for your character sheet. The Pathfinder Society one is best, and you can add some personalisation to it.

Optionally, use one of the Pregenerated Characters instead ...if you want to start absolutely straight away. You can jump into a game in minutes just by grabbing a character that has already been created and is PFS-legal. It's still recommended that you create your own, though.

You'll need to know the rules of Pathfinder. Choose one of:

Pathfinder Society Guide The rules you use to create your PFS character (on chapter 2) that should be read as a bare minimum. It's easy step-by-step stuff here. The rest of this guide will inform you of any quirks or restrictions to PFS compared to regular Pathfinder.

During Play

Combat Assistant (CA) What you'll use for maps, the grid, counters and tracking your party during a game.

Paizo Account Registration This allows you to officially record your character and gain experience, loot and other benefits from playing PFS modules. You can do this after you have played your first session, if you are desperate to play immediately.

Paizo Character Registration You don't need to fill in the whole character sheet here, but a minimum of a name and faction are required. You'll benefit later from having more detail entered.

Useful (but not essential):

I'm new! Really, really, new!

  • We were all new at some point. Don't get overwhelmed, and don't let people over-explain anything to you, which they sometimes do.
  • Don't feel like you need to learn all the rules at once. You don't need to rush, and you can use a pregenerated character if that helps. We'll explain things along the way.
  • You're not annoying us by asking a lot of questions. We like new people who are keen to learn the game. If you're wondering about something, ask without hesitation!

Before You Begin

  • If you want to watch first, know that you can. This is really only any good if you're completely new to D20 gaming, and even then, we'd still recommend you jump right in and get your hands dirty. It's just more fun.
  • Ask Ballig, Avatar or snypt (preferably in-channel) to set you up with an account, and give them your character's first name so you can start uploading your character sheet.
  • The scheduled game times are in the topic of the channel. Green means the game is good to go, orange means it needs players, red means it's on hold.

During Character Creation

  • If you're transferring a character sheet from outside the channel, transcribe it to the Character Sheet Template above and upload it to the site.
  • While you're creating your character, upload it as you go. You should have uploaded it 3 or 4 times before it's finally done. Paste the link in the channel and other people will help you out along the way.

How long do I stay on IRC?

  • As long as you can. It's better to lurk than to leave.
  • Games usually take longer online than they do in person - about 3 to 4 hours for a standard game.

What's Pathfinder Society like compared to normal play?

  • It's not one big, long campaign. Every scenario (consisting of 2-3 sessions) is a mission. You complete it, you get 1 experience point. Every 3 experience points you get, you level up.
  • It's character driven. This means you won't always be with the same party in different scenarios, which also means you shouldn't choose a class based on the first lot of people you party with, because your character won't be with them throughout their career.
  • Loot works differently. You don't keep any loot that you find when you finish a campaign, but you can "buy" it from the Pathfinder Society. You're still free to use anything you find during that same scenario, though, and you can buy more later, even if you've used it.
  • No item creation feats. Sorry.
  • Your character will cap at level 12. So create your character with this in mind - don't plan feat trees that don't really work until level 15, because you'll never get there.
  • Choosing a faction, aside from roleplay, is for sub-plots during your main mission. You have to choose from 1 of 12 factions, all with different goals. If other people in your party belong to the same faction, you can work together with them. Completing your faction missions during a scenario will gives you Prestige and Fame, which you can use to buy the good stuff, including resurrection for yourself if you die.