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Another one bites the dust... by shadow_mask

Player's Perspective #11 (Legacy of the Savage Kings) - 14 November 2010

Am I going crazy? Or is it just everyone around me? Probably both... not that it really matters. Never have I seen such descent in the ranks before though.

First my travelling companion Serus was mad enough to put on a strange helm, known to be a 'blight' object... whatever that means. Something bad at any rate. So anyway, after knocking around this helm, Serus decides to put it on. If he wasn't crazy enough before, he certainly was then. First he seemed to experience some sort of hallucination, followed by a madness that caused him to attack those of us exploring with him. Knocking him out proved to be too difficult for Kendall though - may Serus rest in peace, the great fool.

Now keep in mind that I had only met Markias and Kendall some hour or less prior to this and was now without my companion. And we were under attack from a witch and her demon companions... or rather, had been. They seemed content to stay in their room once Markias and I had made our hasty retreat. Whatever - I wasn't complaining.

A short while and a few spells later, while dealing with the blighted objects that we had found, I used a scroll of knock to open three chests. Typically, one of them was trapped, and I woke up a minute or so later to find myself attacking Markias. The asylum for me as well, I guess...

So after Markias and I had dealt with the blighted material, we headed back to find Kendall, who had gone looking for 'Jasim'. Now here is a fellow on par with Serus in the mental faculties - a real crazed barbarian. A disupte was had, over the prisoners that Jasim was trying to free, and some previous companion 'Natsumi'. Wierd name, but then again, she was a human. Apparently.

Anyway, Markias got very worked up about Natsumi's dissapearance and started openly accusing Jasim of her murder. A strange two hours so far...hmmm. Well, Jasim took insult to Markias' accusations and challenged him to combat. Boy do these humans get worked up. Well, needless to say I tried to stop them, but what can a halfling do against two fully grown humans bent on killing each other? After a spell or two Markias seemed to calm down, but there was no hope for Jasim.

So I gave up, and rode off in disgust. I hope Markias ends up in a better place than the madhouse down here... he seemed a decent fellow for the short time I knew him and may his soul rest in peace.

I found Kendall sometime later, at the entrance to the ex-home of a Dragon. Its hoard won't go to waste, don't worry.

And so here we are, in Quoston Keep, making use of Lord Castellan's hospitality untill we can muster some more, hopefully sane, people to assault the fortress and take down the ogre forging the blighted equipment. That'll be an adventure in itself. Let the fun and games begin in the asylum... maybe we'll all end up in rehab as a reward?

Yours Faithfully, (whoever you may be)
Kade Hawkeyes... whoever I may be...