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Pathfinder Online

From the pen of Jasim Abdul-Nafi' Botros by Mekkis

Player's Perspective #12 (Legacy of the Savage Kings) - 19 February 2011

Hail, Grant Silverhorn, chieftain of the Ilogepi tribe,

I regret for not sending to you earlier, but several incidents occurred. Due to the gross negligence of one of the people I thought I could trust, I regret to inform you that Oglienar has perished. Her body has, however, been consumed and may be responsible for saving the lives of a dozen helpless prisoners, and her spirit lives on within them.

As for my mission, I have managed to locate a fortress within the Great Swamp. It is likely that unspeakable evil has been taking place there for some time, but, when properly consecrated, it will provide a fine base of operations for the tribe. I recommend that you send a force, including several priests, to secure it. As of writing, it has been emptied.

As far as I can tell, it doesn't fall under any jurisdiction, but there is a keep to the north that seems to try to lay claim to as much as possible. Their casualty rate has been disturbingly high, just as his minion's common sense is rather lacking.

Please, make haste to the Great Swamp, and I hope we meet again soon, in this world or the next.

One final query: It seems that the swamp was the scene of a battle between many barbarians and some demonic entities. Would anyone there have heard anything about this?

For the glory of Valaran,

Jasim Abdul-Nafi' Botros.

PS: If anyone is traveling in the direction of the Great Swamp, could you send Glissa along. Her presence is missed.