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Pathfinder Online

Jasim's regrets by Mekkis

Player's Perspective #13 (Legacy of the Savage Kings) - 17 June 2011

I feel I have always been late.

Late to realise that Natsumi couldn't be trusted.
Late to comprehend the extent of this sickness.
Late to realise that I should have told Kendall.
Far too late to save him from the clutches of nature.

When I arrived at the great swamp, in search of a place to expand to for the good of my tribe, I always thought that it would be a quick expedition. Meeting up with some people who wanted to deal with the fort's occupants was a bonus - at least it seemed to be...

Now the fort is a smouldering wreck - but the lives of its victims are irrepairable. Kendall is dead, and his belongings broken. The sickness is affecting some people in the village, and I fear that when I return, it will have claimed another victim.

But I must carry on. These lizards are obviously duped or enchanted. I want to get to the bottom of this, and save them from any further issues. My people are riding to secure and sanctify the fortress.

I pray to Valarian to keep my own mind and body free from this curse.

For the glory of the Ilogepi.

Jasim Abdul-Nafi' Botros