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Legacy of the Savage Kings, Eighteen Months On by Mekkis

Player's Perspective #14 (Legacy of the Savage Kings) - 30 June 2011

After walking through the Great Swamp, you encounter a plaque, half covered by muck.

Legacy of the Savage Kings - Memorial

I wonder if Avatar, back in January, last year, ever thought, when saying "Those low level adventurers are so cute" would result in an adventure that's taken eighteen months, and accounted for five character deaths, three characters missing, and one character taking a premature tour of the outer planes following an incident involving extradimensional spaces.

Truth be told, it has been an interesting campaign, and I'd be lying to say that it wasn't a learning experience for myself, and hopefully for others.

One overarching issue has been the perpetual lack of full party cooperation, which has probably accounted for several sessions, and several characters' lives wasted. A party must be at least in some fashion, pursuing the same goals. Admittedly, some of this is due to the way I roleplayed Jäsim, but this was far from the only factor involved.

I get the impression that Avatar has gained some of his own insights: he has generally becomes more flexible, to move the plot along, amoung other issues. I still feel that some of his views are rather irrational, like his allergy to wildshape and summoning, but his "7.5 ft rule" seem to have finally been overturned. I feel that should he want to, Avatar can expand on this.

As a player, I try to find the motives of NPCs, which has sometimes been counterproductive. Spending two (out-of-game) weeks trying to buy supplies in town of villagers completely apathetic to the plight of some dying slaves gave me the impression that there was something affecting the minds of the townsfolk. Being grossly overcharged for food, in the town, with no trade routes, industry or anything else made me feel it was a tourist trap.

More recently, not receiving any information at all from a bunch of lizardfolk we were interrogating gave me the impression that the lizardfolk were either fanatical or brainwashed. However, I might be looking too deeply into this.

All in all, however, Avatar's DMing style has vastly improved, and the campaign has been very enjoyable. I hope that Avatar will continue to DM sessions in the future.