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Pathfinder Online - Player's Perspective #2
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Pathfinder Online

Nishida's Diary - a saucepan, an ogre and an apparent attempt to get the party ambushed by proquar

Player's Perspective #2 (Dungeon Crawl) - 16 July 2009

So, we’d killed all but one of the raiding kobolds. And apart from some mention of the “old ones”, it was not very forthcoming. Even after some ‘gentle persuasion’ from me and Kaitor, of which Kaitor seemed to take all too much pleasure in.

None of the merchants or their horses survived the encounter, for we arrived on the scene too late. Having no means to pull the caravan, Davlamin, Kaitor, Skarl and I took the prisoner to the sergeant back in the town. He didn’t seem overly impressed to see us, he did keep the kobold and sent two of his guards back with us to retrieve the caravan.

Little did we know, that the rest of the party was indisposed as the caravan was reduced to ashes. I was deeply mortified when we arrived, and had only charred corpses to return to the town. The guards gleefully announced that it was a ‘waste of time’, and they were right.

Nonetheless, we found our party to be in great spirits, which was a little surprising really. Kaitor found tracks leading away from the remains of the caravan, heading down a track that was located not so far from where the rest of the party had camped. Strange they were unable to protect the caravan.

Anyway, the track led to a cave. Jaren and Kaitor went in to find out what was happening in there, although I understand Kaitor fell over. They returned to say that there was a room with four kobolds and an ogre. That sounded ominous.

We were plotting a solution, Blastacadabra was thinking of ways to set up a log trap, he called it. When Kaitor screamed loudly and ran outside. Funnily enough he put a pot on the ground as he was running. Perhaps he became possessed. I don’t really know, but there was no more time for planning, there was now only time for running.

We barely got outside the cave when the kobolds arrived, hot on our heals. Davlamin was straight into it, he charged a kobold, and then there were three. I think Skarl was next, and then there were two. I moved in, but all I could see was the pot in front of the cave, and my blows fell without impact.

Fortunately, Ves was able to take out the third with his javelin. Alas, the fourth evaded us all, and sent a crossbow bolt deep into Kaitor, I have never heard such a ‘thunk’ and he fell. Garrick ran to his aid, and I was distracted when before me stood the ogre. It was huge.

Nonetheless, it is my understanding now that Blastacadabra sent a magic missile into Kaitor. Strange. Because there was a kobold at large, let alone the large ogre at large. I heard Garrick cry out, “Forget Kaitor! Hit the ogre.”

And did Blastacadabra respond, “Just keep him unconscious! He’s one of them!” Stranger still.

From behind me, Jaren shot at the fourth kobold, and it troubled us no more.

Still looming was the ogre. Two whompings from Skarl, magical and physical bolts whizzing past me into its chest and a thump from Ves and Davlamin all needed in the bringing down of the creature.

He was lucky, for I missed him. I was lucky, for he missed us all. We were all lucky. Except for the pot, crushed by the ogre.

Blastacadabra insisted on binding Kaitor. And he remains unconscious. Strange.