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Nishida's diary - Cave exploration by proquar

Player's Perspective #3 (Dungeon Crawl) - 22 July 2009

It is strange that I should stand guard in a tunnel, while the rest of the party (less Kaitor, of course) investigate a chest in the middle of a dead-end of the cave. But here I am, taking the opportunity to record the events to date:

So Blasta wanted to kill Kaitor or return him to the constabulary. But, ah, after our reception and last dealings with the constabulary, I figured they could possibly have been one and the same thing. And the sergeant might have got altogether fed up with us, and risked our lives as well.

So the compromise was to leave him manacled with enough food and water for two days for when he came to.

The cave awaited us, and who knew what more was in there. Perhaps Kaitor? Who knows, but he was unconscious and left outside.

Jaren went on ahead, and we found the ogre’s bedroom. Blastacadabra braved the large, putrid bed area and found himself an impressive looking shield, well, impressive for a piece of wood found in an ogre’s bed.

From the bedroom, a short tunnel led into a large cavern, with a double water feature. Snarl and Dav had were moving to the pond, when they were attacked by oversized bats.

It was a little bit nerve-wracking, but they were dispatched, and the cavern appeared to be relatively empty.

The pond was of no real consequence. Jaren skirted the large cavern, and returned to tell of a rope that led out of a hole in the ceiling. When we all went to investigate the rope, it was gone. But a crossbow bolt was shot at us. Strange.

It was time to move. Jaren had reported two tunnels, one with evidence of ogre movements, the nearer one more suited to kobolds. We headed for that one, as kobolds and crossbows go together all too commonly.

We entered a smaller cavern, and as we moved across it my lantern went dark. We could seeing nothing, just Snarl’s gurgles. And then whatever the foul beast was, hit Dav as well.

We had to move out of the darkness, and Dav and Snarl moved in a different direction.

But Jaren was on fire (not literally, I mean his aim was very good), and he shot an arrow at the ‘cave squid’ and it bothered us no more.

It was an easy trip from there to this dead end room... oh what!?

Must go: Jaren has just released four wooden masks!!