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Pathfinder Online

Zuki's Diary - Appearing in a catacomb by proquar

Player's Perspective #4 (The Sorcerer's Tower) - 18 July 2009

Day 1 - Appearing in a catacomb

Who would have thought playing with a Deck of Fate could be so dangerous?

So, I appear in the middle of a catacomb. Amongst a party that was being stalked by a rogue. Apparently, they hadnít realized. Only the mage talked to me, and he seems quite aloof - and wouldnít answer the question if he believed in pain...

We stumbled around the catacombs a little, until we came to a caved in room. I got a nervous feeling about a caved in room in a catacomb - canít really explain it. There is something unpleasant about the undead - who feel no pain. It's not right.

No doubt about it, there was some tentacled abomination in the room. It put up an incredible battle - it ate the mageís brain before our eyes. Yet seconds later, the abomination was dead, by a brutal blow from the feline fellow.

I was overwhelmed with the sense that the mage had never really known true pain. So I used my only scroll to raise him from the dead. He shall know pain, before our time is done.

Fate is a wonderful thing.