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Zuki's Diary - The Naga are not enough by proquar

Player's Perspective #5 (The Sorcerer's Tower) - 25 July 2009

Day 2 - The Naga are not enough

We rested well, but the Deck of Fate travel must have scrambled my brain more than expected. I am still a little out of sorts, and not dealing at all well with appearing in a catacomb, Talona knows where, with a haughty mage. There is nothing like pain to bring a person down a peg or two, though.

Naga; spell-casting skeletons.
That nearly wiped out this ragtime crew that I have come across. Every room something more deadly, and still they just wander around as though in the safety of the queen’s palace. No wonder the last cleric left.

The mage, of course is mad. The fact that there was still a naga remaining after his mad man routine does not make him any less mad, just means the evidence is less overwhelming. Perhaps, pain will cure him. Yes, indeed. But first he must know the pain of humility and politeness.

It is likely that I will stay. This planless adventuring can no doubt lead to nothing but pain. Well, maybe death as well, but I am counting on some excruciation first.