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Pathfinder Online - Player's Perspective #6
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Pathfinder Online

Out of the frying pan, into the fire - again and again and again. by Avatar

Player's Perspective #6 (World's Largest Dungeon) - 02 August 2009

I don't know why, but in the World's Largest Dungeon, we seem to keep running into problems that, at best, fix themselves.

This is not quite as good as it sounds. It means we are constantly getting ourselves into trouble and can't find a solution. Repeatedly.

My rogue, Reece, who has a near co-dependency on his ring of invisibility (bless him), has the ability to disarm traps, talk to anyone and get them to like him at almost any time - or believe him about anything, he can hit hard with his hyper-powered sneak attacks, and wander about inside just about any building whether he's wanted or not.

Basically he's a DM's worst nightmare.

This is my theory in why we seem to be trapped in a place where the main inhabitants seem to all hate us, imprison us, make us go to sleep, dance irresistably, or make us lose our memory and teleport away from the rest of the party.

Alternatively, I guess we can't blame the DM. When we didn't have a cleric for Idon'tknowhowmany games straight, we were made insane, turned to stone, or... what was that last one? Oh yeah, I mentioned it already - one of our party members lost his memory and teleported away. I think we've gone through about as many Heal spells as we have game sessions, and that's bags of fun without a cleric.

I say we couldn't blame the DM, because in one of our sessions, we were actually given some heal scrolls out of nowhere. Seriously. It's the only game I've ever played where we didn't get experience because we didn't deserve any.

I've got a saying. If everything is going wrong, change everything. Something has to work out right.

So we veered off-course on our only quest that led out of the region to go kill off some derros. I don't know what a derro is (despite Garmoth's silly real-world resemblance to the word), but we came across a golem, a creature which none of us have encountered before.

When our wizard, Alec rolled a 19 on his Knowledge check, we got just about everything we needed to know about golems. Including that they are resistant to magic, have damage resistance - and are immune to sneak attacks, since they're constructs.

This kind of sucks, because Reece is one of our mega-damage dealers, and this far into the campaign, I still hadn't gotten much of a chance to actually do much damage.

But I remembered something, as soon as Ballig (our DM) mentioned that a golem was a construct. When I rolled up my character I had something for just this scenario which would let me do damage to a construct. I opened my character sheet and poured through it. What was it? A feat or something? And then I found it.

It was a spell. "Golem Strike", which allows sneak attacks on constructs. A spell which, considering I didn't expect to come up against any constructs anytime soon, I had not prepared.

We ended this session in the middle of the fight with this golem after we were running across an open field where we were being pelted with spells from a distance where we could do nothing. We were spread out, losing life, and running towards this golem with no way of actually doing any reasonable damage to it. I am dreading our next game to find out what happens, thinking that it may actually end up being worse than what we experienced in the forest region of the dungeon that we had just left.

We didn't even end up getting any experience for that session. True, I should end that last sentence with "yet", but I could also end this article with "We aren't dead (yet)."