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Pathfinder Online - Player's Perspective #7
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Pathfinder Online

When Liches Interfere With Family Reunions... by shadow_mask

Player's Perspective #7 (The Sorcerer's Tower) - 15 November 2009

Despite having only played two sessions so far, the Sorcerer's Tower has been a bucket load of fun. My character, a human dragon shaman (from the PHBII), was looking for his half-brother, a were-dire weasel (who is already in the party). Yes, our family tree is retarted.

But anyway, the DM had decided to bring my character in under a dominate person spell cast by the lich that the party had encountered at the end of their previous session. Oh boy, that was fun. My orders from the lich were roughly as follows... "kill the cleric". This is probably the first evil aligned campaign that I have played in where the DM wasn't going to complain about my character trying to kill the other characters.

On my first action, I was not quite able to charge Zuki (the aforementioned cleric), who was just around the corner, so I moved a bit closer and used my breath weapon. The next two rounds involved my half-brother trying to wrestle me away from the cleric, who was his only chance as he was poisoned. Not fun for him, considering that a) my character had activated his energy shield aura, so every natural and non-reach attack made on him (including each round spent in a grapple) caused the attacker to take 6 acid damage, as well as b) my orders had nothing to do with attacking my brother and therefore did not allow a will save to try and escape the spell.

After the wizard had, well, wasted his dispel magic trying to remove the lich's greater invisibility, the cleric decided to try to dispel my enchantment... although by this time I was within melee range and the casting provoked an attack of opportunity. As luck would have it, I rolled a critical for something like 27 points of damage. No chance at that concentration check.

The next rounds involved me dropping the cleric to about 13 health, as well as doing a fair amount of damage to the rogue through my energy shield. Eventually, with the help of the druid and his summoned dire bats and fire elemental, as well as the lich's delayed blast fireball, I was dropped to (fortunately) -6 HP. Deciding that, since I was Felthik's kin, she didn't want me to die just yet, Zuki popped a cure minor wounds spell to stabalise me. Very kind, considering my prior efforts to kill her.

The lich had supposedly retreated up the corridor and the wizard (who could see invisibility) told the party that it was gone. Oh boy. Felthik was currently fleeing at top speed due to the panicked condition (probably a fear spell) and the druid was taking a few rounds figuring out how to close the door. At this time the lich, having retreated to a comfortable distance (probably with a cup of tea and some biscuits), opened fire with chain lightning spells, nearly dropping both the wizard and the druid. The drow rogue decided to, using a wand of invisibility on himself, go and try locate the lich. By bumping into it, I guess...

The door closes, locking the rogue out (and Felthik, but he wasn't coming back for a while anyway). The wizard takes the opportunity to teleport the druid (but his animal companion was too large to bring with), the cleric (who, risking herself in the near future, also grabbed my dominated and unconcious character) and himself out of the catacombs.

In summary:
-Lich: at full HP, has used a few chain lightnings, a delayed blast fireball, a reverse gravity, a greater invisibility and some sort of fear effect spell. Approximately. Plenty of spells left, at any rate.
-The wizard, cleric and druid: outside, on low health, not too many spells/spell slots left. Animal companion stuck inside and incapable of activating and opening the door.
-My character: currently at -5 HP and still dominated by the lich, outside with the casting half of the party. A lucky escape for me, considering that I'm still dominated and could have easily been left behind or killed.
-Felthik: fleeing at top speed, held weapons dropped in the now locked room. Poisoned, which is delayed for less than an hour and he will probably die as a result, unless he manages to find the cleric (who he doesn't know has been teleported outside of the catacombs) after the fear effect wears off.
-Drow rogue: sneaking out of the catacombs, closest party member to the lich. He is probably dead... depends how nice the DM is. On moderate health at the moment, I believe.

To reiterate: " far, the Sorcerer's Tower has been a bucket load of fun." For the DM and myself, at least.