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Pathfinder Online

Arguments, Amnesia and Arson by Mekkis

Player's Perspective #8 (Off The Chopping Block) - 07 December 2009

Three days ago, I would never have seen this happen. After deciding that a good month or so away from Vithshariatix, getting into an argument with some woman, and then getting transported what appears to be a new world (with some of my memory gone), I suppose I should reflect on what's been going on.

Firstly, I was promised a sizable amount of gold by some stuck-up knight to 'help defend the village from the "evil" forces'. Exactly why those forces were "evil" or why the village was worth defending was never really defined, but saying 'no' to the gold didn't seem wise. The fact that the village's defenders - and the knight - didn't seem very cooperative to the defence of said village made me think there was some ulterior motive to their request. Oh, and a cleric who refused to aid due to some honorable technicality.

What was even more surprising was the amount of resistance the guard had to even a simple request: to climb the guard tower to get a view of the surrounding area.

After a short skirmish (always feels good to wet my claws from time to time), a large monster arrived, knocked us out something chronic, before we somehow found ourselves in a forest, with a creepy lady.

Somehow the Tengu was with us again. She tried to explain that we were from the 'cube' - one of the few celestial bodies that orbit around this world, and wanted us to join her. The Tengu refused, and, figuring there was safety in numbers, we ignored the woman's words and headed off into the forest.

After running from some wolves (making sure that I could maintain a much faster speed than the others) we continued along a road until the next town. Seeing that Bawk and the others were heading towards the inn, I decided that finding alternate accommodation would be a good idea. I figured this would also give me a nice insight to how humans lived, and maybe some more targets...

I did however, learn something during the night: That I am in the world I was originally from, and roughly where in the world I am. I suppose that this could be used in the future.

Anyway... Morning calls, and it seems like Bawk has stirred up a little more trouble...