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Pathfinder Online

Campaign List

Campaigns marked with Inactive are currently inactive.

  (PFS) Pathfinder Society: When they called it society, they meant it. It's being played worldwide.
  (WotW) Way of the Wicked: Something wicked this way comes.
Inactive (CmpB) Campaign Blaine: They said it would rain in the campaign named Blaine.
Inactive (CmpS) Campaign Sally: Campaaaaaign Sally
Inactive (QQ2) Cry Even More!: Wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Inactive (QQ) Cry More!: Wahhhhhhhh
Inactive (CotE) Crypt of the Everflame: A Pathfinder Society sanctioned campaign for 1st-level characters
Inactive (CoED) Cult of the Ebon Destroyers: Level 8 sanctioned module for Pathfinder Society
Inactive (DnDN) D&D: Next (Playtest): D&D: The Next Generation
Inactive (DC) Dungeon Crawl: A series of adventures for characters starting at first level.
Inactive (EM) Eastern Mysteries: If you care to find me, look to the eastern skies!
Inactive (ERNG) Escape from the Random Number Goddess: 5,1,7,3,2,6,2,9,6,2,4......ahhhhh!
Inactive (FB) Foreign Bodies: This adventure is set to takes place a “parallel future history” of Earth, and it’s most prominent orbital body, Luna.
Inactive (FzRv) Fuzzy's Revenge:
Inactive (B1) In Search of the Unknown:
Inactive (LSK) Legacy of the Savage Kings: From deep within a barbarian tomb, the spirit of Obitu-que stirs...
Inactive (LtAW) Links to Another World: The sun rises early in the east, and sets early in the west. But life continues for those who are still breathing.
Inactive (Misc) Misc Char Sheets:
Inactive (NB) Novablade:
Inactive (OCB) Off The Chopping Block: Chop!
Inactive (PoCV) Pit of Chains and Venom:
Inactive (ToEE) Return to the Temple of Elemental Evil: Evil Never Dies
Inactive (SotA) Seekers of the Ashencrown: Something thought only to be a tavern turned into something much more spectacular.
Inactive (SS) Serpent's Skull: Hissssssssssss
Inactive (SR) Shadowrunner: Dog controls your destiny.
Inactive (SF) Sins of the Father: He was a very bad man, a VERY bad man.
Inactive (S&S) Skull & Shackles: Thar she blows!
Inactive (SlKn) Sleepless Knights:
Inactive (SpQu) Spider Queen: A high-level campaign adventure set in the Forgotten Realms, City of the Spider Queen
Inactive (SqR) Squirrel's Run: Get him!
Inactive (StWa) Star Wars: A long time ago in a campaign far, far away...
Inactive (Syl) Sylvania:
Inactive (TmFu) Tempest Feud:
Inactive (ETOE) The Evil Tower of Overbearing Evils: It's very, very evil.
Inactive (TH) The Harrowing: A Pathfinder Society sanctioned module for 9th level characters.
Inactive (KO) The Knowing Orb: The orb knows.
Inactive (SoTo) The Sorcerer's Tower: Level 10 evil campaign
Inactive (TrS) True Sorcery: Real sorcery for a real wizard
Inactive (UWT) Urban Warfare Training: I don't want to talk to you, I just want, bang bang bang!
Inactive (WB) Winterborn: The cruelty in our hearts will tear this world apart.
Inactive (WLD) World's Largest Dungeon: The ultimate challenge has finally arrived...