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Dungeon Crawl [snypt]



Nishida's diary - Cave exploration by proquar [PP #3, 22 July 2009] :: It is strange that I should stand guard in a tunnel, while the rest of the party (less Kaitor, of course) investigate a chest in the middle of a dead-end of the cave. But here I am, taking the opportunity to record the events to date: So Blasta wanted t...

Nishida's Diary - a saucepan, an ogre and an apparent attempt to get the party ambushed by proquar [PP #2, 16 July 2009] :: So, we’d killed all but one of the raiding kobolds. And apart from some mention of the “old ones”, it was not very forthcoming. Even after some ‘gentle persuasion’ from me and Kaitor, of which Kaitor seemed to take all too much pleasure in. None of t...