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Pathfinder Online - Legacy of the Savage Kings - Campaigns
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Pathfinder Online

Legacy of the Savage Kings [Avatar]



Character creation:

  • Class/System: Level 5 (10000 exp), 3.5 D&D campaign
  • Rulebooks: Primarily core books only, especially core classes only. Every single thing taken out of a splatbook must be approved by Avatar and be aware you are unlikely to be able to take it, with the exception of feats - where more allowances are available.
  • Abilities: 28 point buy OR roll 6x 4d6 dropping lowest, up to a maixmum of 2 sets of rolls. Rolling must be done with Avatar watching and once you start your first set of rolls, you cannot go back to point buy. If you decide to reroll your first set of rolls, you must take whatever your second set of rolls gives you.
  • Gold: 5400gp. On rare occasions you may be able to start with more gold - check with Avatar.
  • Hit Points: Max HP for your class(es).
  • Spells: The following spells do not work as normal: Web (DC 15 strength check breaks the web), Polymorph/Wild Shape (abilities may not fully carry over, or the spell/ability may not function), Summon [anything] (summoned creatures may not be under the caster's control, or the spell may not function).
  • Familiars & Animal Companions: Generally shouldn't be taken. They only serve cosmetic purposes for the most part, and penalties for losing them still apply as per normal rules.

Absolute power, absolute blighted corruption. by Avatar [DMF #8, 19 November 2011] :: A druid named Shawn once went to Willow Ridge to make a call for some brave adventurers, and 3 adventurers answered the call. One of them got taken by the Blight, and is now in the hands of the healers. One of them got taken by the shadows. One of th...

Legacy of the Savage Kings, Eighteen Months On by Mekkis [PP #14, 30 June 2011] :: After walking through the Great Swamp, you encounter a plaque, half covered by muck. Legacy of the Savage Kings - Memorial Chrys KIA Gildarn, returned to Lord AllMyGuysDie Kendall KIA, killed by a huge crocodile Loria MIA Lupton Sick, probably...

Jasim's regrets by Mekkis [PP #13, 17 June 2011] :: I feel I have always been late. Late to realise that Natsumi couldn't be trusted. Late to comprehend the extent of this sickness. Late to realise that I should have told Kendall. Far too late to save him from the clutches of nature. When I arrive...

From the pen of Jasim Abdul-Nafi' Botros by Mekkis [PP #12, 19 February 2011] :: Hail, Grant Silverhorn, chieftain of the Ilogepi tribe, I regret for not sending to you earlier, but several incidents occurred. Due to the gross negligence of one of the people I thought I could trust, I regret to inform you that Oglienar has perished...

Another one bites the dust... by shadow_mask [PP #11, 14 November 2010] :: Am I going crazy? Or is it just everyone around me? Probably both... not that it really matters. Never have I seen such descent in the ranks before though. First my travelling companion Serus was mad enough to put on a strange helm, known to be a 'bli...

Where in the world is Natsumi? by Avatar [DMF #7, 11 September 2010] :: If a disease that can slowly kill a dragon and plague the lands isn't enough to deal with, now the party has a new problem to deal with. And it's not something as simple as a trap to get around or a door to open, it's not even as sinister as the villain p...

Mrivan's Reminiscence by Mekkis [PP #10, 09 April 2010] :: They say that in dire, life-threatening situations, your life flashes before your eyes. Looking back, to that moment, I knew that was the case. From my early days, struggling with cantrips, I remember hearing songs sung about heroes who vanished w...

The dark shadow of death. by Avatar [DMF #6, 04 March 2010] :: It was 6 versus 2, although as it turned out, the shadows (literally) had an advantage on the party. It wasn't that one of the party had just mindlessly swam away - probably to his death, and it wasn't that one of the party was near-completely unfamil...

The druid and the dragon. by Avatar [DMF #5, 08 January 2010] :: Those low level adventurers are so cute. They come into Willow Ridge, a forest village, looking for something to do, go waltzing almost with complete boredom into a tavern in the morning for a quick drink and some rumours, and leaving the tavern with s...

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