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Pathfinder Online

Eastern Mysteries [Mekkis]


Dr Jex'llSnickers

The conflict between the magocracy of Thay and the Rashemi to the north takes a surprising turn. A group of adventurers, sworn to secrecy, are assigned to investigate...

Character creation:

Level 5 Pathfinder.

Players Required: 3-4

  • Abilities: 25 Point buy.

  • Expected power level: As long as the character isn't intentionally made weak, it should be fine. On that note, please do not overly powergame.

  • Traits: Either two traits, or one trait and one approved Forgotten Realms region/background feat.

  • Races: Only those available in the Core Rulebook.

  • Sources: Any Paizo-published pathfinder sourcebook, within reason. In addition, a conversion of the Red Wizard prestige class is available.

  • Other: Faerûnean Deities should be used, domains however should be selected from Pathfinder core.

  • Background: A brief character background should explain the character's motivation for being in Thay.

  • Red Wizard class (Pathfinder conversion)

Inactive Characters