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Way of the Wicked [Mekkis]



The long version (which includes details about which crime and ambition to pick).

  • Ability scores: In order, pick an ability for 18 (focus), pick an ability for 8 (foible), then roll 1d10+7 four times and apply them to your remaining abilities in order (STR, DEX, CON, INT, WIS, CHA). So if your focus is STR and your foible is INT, then your rolls must be applied with the first roll as DEX, the second as CON, the third roll as WIS, and the last roll as CHA.
  • Core races and approved "socially acceptable" races only (eg. no mindflayers).
  • Any class, antipaladins can be any alignment. Gunslingers, ninjas and samurai aren't recommended as they use equipment not native to the campaign.
  • +1 skill point per level (not +2, despite the PDF).
  • No starting equipment. Not even a holy symbol, spellbook, familiar, mount or animal companion. Eidolons are unsummoned, and the first set of spells are memorised.
  • Permitted alignments: LN, LE, NE; LE preferred.
  • One trait.
  • Maximum HP at first level. Roll or low-average (average - 0.5) thereafter.
  • You must choose a crime you've committed and have been convicted of, and have one ambition.

    Background Information and some maps

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