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Pathfinder Online

True Sorcery [wrothmonk]



The core idea of true sorcery is that all spell casters don't just cast and forget, and that they are not governed by specific spell effects. They can cast as much as their body can handle, and they can alter spells at will.

The true sorcery rulebook can be found here:

The following assumes that you have read the above PDF, the pathfinder core rulebook, and the guide to pathfinder society.

The campaign uses normal pathfinder rules except for the following
Character attributes can be determined using the point buy method presented in the guide to pathfinder society (p7) or the dice pool method also presented in the core rulebook (p15). *
All spell casters, divine or otherwise are non-functional, instead the spellcaster class from the true sorcery rule book will be used.
Magic items from all pathfinder books cannot be bought, however some prices for "common" magic items may be created in the future as exceptions for the pricing of magic items in true sorcery. **
Rangers, alchemists and paladins are currently non-functional but will be with alterations in the future.
Arcane spell failure chance is removed.

The following are alterations and additions to True Sorcery rules
The spellcaster class does not receive 4x (4+int) skill ranks, instead it is just 4+int ranks.
Healing lore heals lethal damage, not converting it to non-lethal.
For a -5 to the dc, Healing lore can be augmented to convert lethal to non-lethal

Contact to Wrothmonk if you have any questions

* Dice pool rolling must be supervised
** Contact Wrothmonk for altering the prices of items. Please give examples of similar items from pathfinder rule books.