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Pathfinder Online

Serpent's Skull [Brunius]



They say the dead walk on Smuggler's Shiv, and that those who have yet to die dine on the flesh of their kin. They say that the very plants and animals of the island thirst for blood. And they say that those who sail too close the the island's cutting edge are already doomed, even before their ships are impaled and slip beneath the shark-hungry waves. The island itself is a grave to all manner of folk - pirate and soldier, merchant and smuggler alike. By day, one who approaches too closely can hear their screams from the green that crowns the isle, and by night one can watch the witchlights dance on its shore, said to be glowing cannibal ghosts eager to lure new meals to their shore.

They say all this and more about Smuggler's Shiv.

I can think of no better place to hide my treasure.

-Final recorded words of Captain Lortch Quellig.

This campaign has begun. Original character creation rules:

  • Abilities: 1st level, roll for stats - 4d6 drop lowest. One reroll available if desired, but you MUST take the second set of stats if you do reroll.
  • Gold: Roll for gold (heroic if you're taking an NPC class such as Aristocrat)
  • Serpent's Skull Player's Guide

    NPC roles:

  • Defender: Sets up traps that deal 2d6 damage to the first wandering monster that attacks the campsite each day
  • Entertainer: Grants NPCs a +2 bonus on Will saves to increase morale
  • Guard: Each guard reduces the chance of a wandering monster attacking the camp during the day or night by 5%
  • Hunter: Each hunter provides enough food and water for eight medium creatures per day
  • Medic: Each Medic reduces the chance of being exposed to disease by 5% and increases the number of hit points healed naturally during a nights rest in the camp by 2

    Currently Assigned:

  • Aerys Mavato: Entertainer, Hopeful
  • Gelic Aberwhinge: Entertainer, Hopeful
  • Ishirou: Guard, Panicked
  • Jask Derindi: Hunter, Hopeful
  • Sasha Nevah: Defender, Shaken
  • Morale

    The NPC castaways react to their near-death experience in different ways, and if the PCs don’t bolster their morale, they could easily fall prey to despair. Although the shock of the wreck is enough to mute their personalities somewhat on the first day, clashes among the NPC castaways can manifest as soon as the first night on the island.

    Morale has five categories: hopeful, normal, shaken, frightened, and panicked. All five castaways start with a morale of shaken. Events during play can adjust each castaway’s morale in one direction or another—either positively (to normal and eventually hopeful) or negatively (to frightened and eventually panicked). Morale affects only NPC castaways.

    Adjusting Morale: Every morning, an NPC castaway must make a DC 15 Will save. If successful, the NPC’s morale increases to the next category toward hopeful. If the Will save fails, the NPC’s morale doesn’t change unless the roll failed by 5 or more, in which case her morale moves one step toward panicked. Note that once an NPC reaches hopeful morale, she no longer needs to make these Will saves, but special events can still adjust her morale downward (in which case she’ll need to start making her morning Will saves again).

    Effects of Morale: Each level of morale has different effects on the NPC castaways, as listed below.

  • Hopeful: The NPC functions normally, and does not need to make morning Will saves to adjust morale. Diplomacy checks to adjust the NPC’s attitude gain a +2 bonus.
  • Normal: The NPC functions normally.
  • Shaken: The NPC is shaken.
  • Frightened: The NPC is shaken. Diplomacy checks to adjust the NPC’s attitude take a –2 penalty.
  • Panicked: The NPC is shaken, and during any attack by hostile forces, she immediately becomes panicked and f lees the area, heedless of the danger. Diplomacy checks to adjust the NPC’s attitude take a –4 penalty.

Inactive Characters