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Gii (ANSeranov) Pathfinder Society

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Name:   Doctor Gii    Faction: Silver Crusade    Alignment: True Neutral
Race:   Aasimar       Deity:   Nethys            Class:     Cleric 1
Age:    27            Height:  5'8"              Weight:    135 lbs.
Gender: Male          Size:    Medium            Prestige:  0
Exp:    0/3           PFS#:    70257-7

Str: 12  +1                   HP:          9/9
Dex: 12  +1                   Initiative:  +1
Con: 12  +1                   Speed:       20
Int: 12  +1                   BAB:          0   (BAB) (STR) (SIZE) (DEX)
Wis: 18  +4                   CMB:         +1  =  0    +1                         
Cha: 14  +2                   CMD:         12  =  0    +1           +1 

Fortitude:  4 = 2 +1 (con)  +1 (Protection Domain)
Reflex:     2 = 0 +1 (dex)  +1 (Protection Domain)
Will:       7 = 2 +4 (wis)  +1 (Protection Domain)

 Attack      Totals  =  Base  Abil    Size  Misc                           
Melee          +1    =   0    +1(str)       
Ranged         +1    =   0    +1(dex)       

 Total AC       =  Base  Shield  Dex  Armour  Size   Misc                  
16 (standard)   =   10           +1      5             
11 (vs touch)   =   10     --    +1     --             
10 (flatfooted) =   10           --                     

 Weapons                  TAB     DMG     Crit    Rng  Size  Type          
Quarterstaff              +1      1d6+1   20/x2   5 ft.  M    
Dagger                    +1      1d4+1   19-20/x2 5 ft.  M    
Dagger                    +1      1d4+1   20/x2   10 ft. M    
  #(5) Thrown

 Armour                         AC   Dex  ASF  ACP  Type                   
 Scale Armor                     +5   +3   25%  -4    M   

 Combat Notes and Modifiers                                                
Channel Positive Energy (Su): 1d6 positive energy damage, DC14 Will save. 5/day.


Channel Smite: 1d6 positive energy damage, DC14 Will save. 5/day.


Resistant Touch: Target recieves Protection Domain save bonus for 1 min. 7/day.

Divine Vessel: When a Divine spell is cast on Gii, he can give allies within 15 feet a divine boon. This boon grants a +2 bonus on the next attack roll, skill check, or ability check made before the end of their next turn. 7/day.

 Skills                       Abil Mod  Abil  Rnk  Msc (details)           
 Acrobatics                   dex   1  = +1        
#Appraise                     int   1  = +1        
 Bluff                        cha   2  = +2        
 Climb                        str   1  = +1        
#Diplomacy                    cha   2  = +2        
 Disable Device               dex   1  = +1        
 Disguise                     cha   2  = +2        
 Escape Artist                dex   1  = +1        
 Fly                          dex   1  = +1        
 Handle Animal                cha   2  = +2        
#Heal                         wis   4  = +4        
 Intimidate                   cha   2  = +2        
#Knowledge (arcana)           int   5  = +1    1   +3
 Knowledge (dungoneering)     int   1  = +1        
 Knowledge (engineering)      int   1  = +1        
 Knowledge (geography)        int   1  = +1        
#Knowledge (history)          int   1  = +1        
 Knowledge (local)            int   1  = +1        
 Knowledge (nature)           int   1  = +1        
#Knowledge (nobility)         int   1  = +1        
#Knowledge (planes)           int   1  = +1        
#Knowledge (religion)         int   1  = +1        
#Linguistics                  int   1  = +1        
 Perception                   wis   5  = +4    1   
 Perform                      cha   2  = +2        
 Ride                         dex   1  = +1        
#Sense Motive                 wis   4  = +4        
 Sleight of Hand              dex   1  = +1        
#Spellcraft                   int   5  = +1    1   3
 Stealth                      dex   1  = +1        
 Survival                     wis   4  = +4        
 Swim                         str   1  = +1        
 Use Magic Device             cha   3  = +2    1   

 Feats and Features                                                        
Aasimar Racial Traits
+2 Wisdom, +2 Charisma: Aasimars are insightful, confident, and personable.

Scion of Humanity: Some aasimars' heavenly ancestry is extremely distant. An aasimar with this racial trait counts as an outsider (native) and a humanoid (human) for any effect related to race, including feat prerequisites and spells that affect humanoids. She can pass for human without using the Disguise skill. This racial trait replaces the Celestial language and alters the native subtype.

Medium: Aasimars are Medium creatures and have no bonuses or penalties due to their size.

Normal Speed: Aasimars have a base speed of 30 feet.

Darkvision: Aasimars can see in the dark up to 60 feet.

Truespeaker: There are some aasimars whose language transcends all boundaries. They gain a +2 bonus on Linguistics and Sense Motive checks, and they learn two languages each time they gain a rank in Linguistics. This racial trait replaces skilled.

Spell-Like Ability: Aasimars can use daylight once per day as a spell-like ability (caster level equal to the aasimar's class level).

Celestial Resistance: Aasimars have acid resistance 5, cold resistance 5, and electricity resistance 5.

Languages: Aasimars begin play speaking Common. Aasimars with high Intelligence scores can choose from the following languages: Draconic, Dwarven, Elven, Gnome, Halfling, and Sylvan.

Sacred Conduit: Your birth was particularly painful and difficult for your mother, who needed potent divine magic to ensure that you survived (your mother may or may not have). In any event, that magic infused you from an early age, and you now channel divine energy with greater ease than most. Whenever you channel energy, you gain a +1 trait bonus to the save DC of your channeled energy.

Focused Mind: Your childhood was either dominated by lessons of some sort (whether musical, academic, or other) or by a horrible home life that encouraged your ability to block out distractions and focus on the immediate task at hand. You gain a +2 trait bonus on concentration checks.

The following are class features of the cleric.

Weapon and Armor Proficiency: Clerics are proficient with all simple weapons, light armor, medium armor, and shields (except tower shields). Clerics are also proficient with the favored weapon of their deity.

Aura (Ex): A cleric of a chaotic, evil, good, or lawful deity has a particularly powerful aura corresponding to the deity's alignment (see the detect evil spell for details).

Spells: A cleric casts divine spells which are drawn from the cleric spell list presented in Spell Lists. Her alignment, however, may restrict her from casting certain spells opposed to her moral or ethical beliefs; see chaotic, evil, good, and lawful spells. A cleric must choose and prepare her spells in advance.

To prepare or cast a spell, a cleric must have a Wisdom score equal to at least 10 + the spell level. The Difficulty Class for a saving throw against a cleric's spell is 10 + the spell level + the cleric's Wisdom modifier.

Like other spellcasters, a cleric can cast only a certain number of spells of each spell level per day. Her base daily spell allotment is given on Table: Cleric. In addition, she receives bonus spells per day if she has a high Wisdom score (see Table: Ability Modifiers and Bonus Spells).

Clerics meditate or pray for their spells. Each cleric must choose a time when she must spend 1 hour each day in quiet contemplation or supplication to regain her daily allotment of spells. A cleric may prepare and cast any spell on the cleric spell list, provided that she can cast spells of that level, but she must choose which spells to prepare during her daily meditation.

Channel Energy (Su): Regardless of alignment, any cleric can release a wave of energy by channeling the power of her faith through her holy (or unholy) symbol. This energy can be used to cause or heal damage, depending on the type of energy channeled and the creatures targeted.

A good cleric (or one who worships a good deity) channels positive energy and can choose to deal damage to undead creatures or to heal living creatures. An evil cleric (or one who worships an evil deity) channels negative energy and can choose to deal damage to living creatures or to heal undead creatures. A neutral cleric who worships a neutral deity (or one who is not devoted to a particular deity) must choose whether she channels positive or negative energy. Once this choice is made, it cannot be reversed. This decision also determines whether the cleric casts spontaneous cure or inflict spells (see spontaneous casting).

Channeling energy causes a burst that affects all creatures of one type (either undead or living) in a 30-foot radius centered on the cleric. The amount of damage dealt or healed is equal to 1d6 points of damage plus 1d6 points of damage for every two cleric levels beyond 1st (2d6 at 3rd, 3d6 at 5th, and so on). Creatures that take damage from channeled energy receive a Will save to halve the damage. The DC of this save is equal to 10 + 1/2 the cleric's level + the cleric's Charisma modifier. Creatures healed by channeled energy cannot exceed their maximum hit point total - all excess healing is lost. A cleric may channel energy a number of times per day equal to 3 + her Charisma modifier. This is a standard action that does not provoke an attack of opportunity. A cleric can choose whether or not to include herself in this effect. A cleric must be able to present her holy symbol to use this ability.

Domains: A cleric's deity influences her alignment, what magic she can perform, her values, and how others see her. A cleric chooses two domains from among those belonging to her deity. A cleric can select an alignment domain (Chaos, Evil, Good, or Law) only if her alignment matches that domain. If a cleric is not devoted to a particular deity, she still selects two domains to represent her spiritual inclinations and abilities (subject to GM approval). The restriction on alignment domains still applies.

Each domain grants a number of domain powers, dependent upon the level of the cleric, as well as a number of bonus spells. A cleric gains one domain spell slot for each level of cleric spell she can cast, from 1st on up. Each day, a cleric can prepare one of the spells from her two domains in that slot. If a domain spell is not on the cleric spell list, a cleric can prepare it only in her domain spell slot. Domain spells cannot be used to cast spells spontaneously.

In addition, a cleric gains the listed powers from both of her domains, if she is of a high enough level. Unless otherwise noted, using a domain power is a standard action. Cleric domains are listed at the end of this class entry.

Orisons: Clerics can prepare a number of orisons, or 0-level spells, each day, as noted on Table: Cleric under "Spells per Day." These spells are cast like any other spell, but they are not expended when cast and may be used again.

Spontaneous Casting: A good cleric (or a neutral cleric of a good deity) can channel stored spell energy into healing spells that she did not prepare ahead of time. The cleric can "lose" any prepared spell that is not an orison or domain spell in order to cast any cure spell of the same spell level or lower (a cure spell is any spell with "cure" in its name).

An evil cleric (or a neutral cleric who worships an evil deity) can't convert prepared spells to cure spells but can convert them to inflict spells (an inflict spell is one with "inflict" in its name).

A cleric who is neither good nor evil and whose deity is neither good nor evil can convert spells to either cure spells or inflict spells (player's choice). Once the player makes this choice, it cannot be reversed. This choice also determines whether the cleric channels positive or negative energy (see Channel Energy).

Chaotic, Evil, Good, and Lawful Spells: A cleric can't cast spells of an alignment opposed to her own or her deity's (if she has one). Spells associated with particular alignments are indicated by the chaotic, evil, good, and lawful descriptors in their spell descriptions.

Bonus Languages: A cleric's bonus language options include Celestial, Abyssal, and Infernal (the languages of good, chaotic evil, and lawful evil outsiders, respectively). These choices are in addition to the bonus languages available to the character because of her race.

Ex-Clerics: A cleric who grossly violates the code of conduct required by her god loses all spells and class features, except for armor and shield proficiencies and proficiency with simple weapons. She cannot thereafter gain levels as a cleric of that god until she atones for her deeds (see the atonement spell description).

Protection Domain
Granted Powers: Your faith is your greatest source of protection, and you can use that faith to defend others. In addition, you receive a +1 resistance bonus on saving throws. This bonus increases by 1 for every 5 levels you possess.

+ Resistant Touch (Sp): As a standard action, you can touch an ally to grant him your resistance bonus for 1 minute. When you use this ability, you lose your resistance bonus granted by the Protection domain for 1 minute. You can use this ability a number of times per day equal to 3 + your Wisdom modifier.

+ Aura of Protection (Su): At 8th level, you can emit a 30-foot aura of protection for a number of rounds per day equal to your cleric level. You and your allies within this aura gain a +1 deflection bonus to AC and resistance 5 against all elements (acid, cold, electricity, fire, and sonic). The deflection bonus increases by +1 for every four cleric levels you possess beyond 8th. At 14th level, the resistance against all elements increases to 10. These rounds do not need to be consecutive.

Domain Spells: 1st - sanctuary, 2nd - shield other, 3rd - protection from energy, 4th - spell immunity, 5th - spell resistance, 6th - antimagic field, 7th - repulsion, 8th - mind blank, 9th - prismatic sphere.

Divine Subdomain
Associated Domain: Magic
Granted Powers: You are a true student of all things mystical, and see divinity in the purity of magic.

+ Divine Vessel (Su): Whenever you are the target of a divine spell, you can, as a swift action, grant each ally within 15 feet of you a divine boon. This boon grants a +2 bonus on the next attack roll, skill check, or ability check made before the end of their next turn. You can use this ability a number of times per day equal to 3 + your Wisdom modifier.

+ Dispelling Touch (Sp): At 8th level, you can use a targeted dispel magic effect as a melee touch attack. You can use this ability once per day at 8th level and one additional time per day for every four cleric levels beyond 8th.

Domain Spells: 1st - identify, 2nd - bless water, 3rd - dispel magic, 4th - imbue with spell ability, 5th - cleanse, 6th - antimagic field, 7th - resurrection, 8th - protection from spells, 9th - miracle.

Channel Smite (Combat)
You can channel your divine energy through a melee weapon you wield.
Prerequisite: Channel energy class feature.
Benefit: Before you make a melee attack roll, you can choose to spend one use of your channel energy ability as a swift action. If you channel positive energy and you hit an undead creature, that creature takes an amount of additional damage equal to the damage dealt by your channel positive energy ability. If you channel negative energy and you hit a living creature, that creature takes an amount of additional damage equal to the damage dealt by your channel negative energy ability. Your target can make a Will save, as normal, to halve this additional damage. If your attack misses, the channel energy ability is still expended with no effect.


Worn (excluding arms and armor)
 Head      | 
 Face      | 
 Throat    | 
 Shoulders | 
 Body      | 
 Torso     | 
 Arms      | 
 Hands     | 
 Ring      | 
 Ring      | 
 Waist     | 
 Feet      | 

( 1) Quarterstaff                                  (    4)
( 5) Dagger                                        (    5)
( 1) Scale Armor                                   (   30)
( 1) Silver Holy Symbol of Nethys                  (    1)
( 1) Wooden Holy Symbol of Nethys                  (    -)
( 2) Spell Component Pouch                         (    4)
( 1) Bedroll                                       (    2)
( 1) Blanket, winter                               (    3)
( 1) Flint and steel                               (    -)
( 2) Oil (1-pint flask)                            (    2)
( 5) Rations, trail                                (    5)
( 1) Rope, silk (50 ft.)                           (    5)
( 1) Satchel                                       (    2)
( 1) Cold Weather Outfit                           (    7)
( 1) Traveler's Outfit                             (    5)
(10) Candle                                        (    -)
( 1) Crowbar                                       (    2)

Carrying Capacity
 Light Load:  <=      43 
 Medium Load: <=      86 
 Heavy Load:  <=     130 
 Carrying           79.5 

pp    1
gp    1
sp    8
cp    6

Protection Domain
Magic Domain (Divine Subdomain)
0-Level DC 14 3/day
      Create Water
      Detect Magic
      Purify Food and Drink
      Read Magic
1-Level DC 15 1+1+1/day
      Abundant Ammunition
      Ant Haul
      Comprehend Languages
      Cure Light Wounds
      Divine Favor
      Endure Elements
      Idenfity [D]
      Obscuring Mist
      Protection from Evil
      Sanctuary [D]
      Shield of Faith

Common, Celestial